Episode 47: Kate Howard at Third Thursday

On this episode, hear Kate Howard of the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting discuss the Center’s work at a Third Thursday event sponsored by the Fellowship of Reconciliation.

Notes for Episode 47

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Episode 46: Liz Schlemmer


WFPL’s education reporter Liz Schlemmer joins the show to talk about — what else? — education reporting, including charter schools, vouchers, the 2019 Kentucky General Assembly, and the strengths of radio journalism.

Notes for Episode 46

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Episode 45: Geneva Stark

Diversity, equity and poverty specialist Dr. Geneva Stark discusses media images of black and brown youth, the need for professional development, equality versus equity, and much more.

Notes for Episode 45

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Episode 44: Teacher Movies

Kris Abplanalp and Tracy Heightchew join the show to discuss tropes in three teacher movies, including and especially the “white savior” trope.

Notes for Episode 44

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Episode 43: Mike Trautmann


Courier-Journal News Director Mike Trautmann discusses the struggles of the newspaper industry, Missing White Woman Syndrome, investigative reporting, and much more.

Notes for Episode 43

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Episode 42: Marty Pollio

Current JCPS superintendent Dr. Marty Pollio discusses trauma, suicide prevention, Senate Bill 250, school start times, the student assignment plan, and more.

Notes for Episode 42

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Episode 41: Joe Bargione

Former JCPS lead psychologist Dr. Joe Bargione discusses trauma, suicide prevention, the new mental health counselors in JCPS, and much more.

Notes for Episode 41

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