Episode 16: School Shootings, Part 2

No guest this time. Again, this entire episode is devoted to school shootings; this time the focus is on the teen activists of Stoneman Douglas and the NRA’s responses to them.

Notes on Episode 16:

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Episode 15: School Shootings, Part 1

No guest this time. The entire episode is devoted to discussing the four things I perceive as the main contributing factors to the post-Columbine spate of school shootings:

  1. Easy access to guns.
  2. Untreated mental illnesses (and the stigmas attached to them).
  3. Internet subcultures that cheer on would-be murderers.
  4. Aggrieved entitlement.

Notes on Episode 15:

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Episode 14: Attica Scott

The hour begins with another attempt to squash SCALA’s strawman depiction of their critics as indifferent to education issues.

Notes on Episode 14 & Attica Scott:

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Episode 13: Gay Adelmann

The entire hour covers the ongoing attempt to delegitimize and defund public schools here in Louisville, Kentucky.

Notes on Episode 13 & Gay Adelmann:

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