Episode 42: Marty Pollio

Current JCPS superintendent Dr. Marty Pollio discusses trauma, suicide prevention, Senate Bill 250, school start times, the student assignment plan, and more.

Notes for Episode 42

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Episode 41: Joe Bargione

Former JCPS lead psychologist Dr. Joe Bargione discusses trauma, suicide prevention, the new mental health counselors in JCPS, and much more.

Notes for Episode 41

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Episode 40: Corrie Shull

Dr. Corrie Shull — Senior Pastor of the Burnett Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky and one of the newest members of the Jefferson County Public Schools Board of Education — joins the show to talk about the tragic story of Seven Bridges, changing schools’ culture and climate, racial equity, charter schools, teachers’ unions, and much more.

Notes for Episode 40

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Episode 39: Lisa Willner

Psychologist, educator, school board member and politician Lisa Willner joins the show to discuss several topics, including JCPS under Dr. Hargens and Dr. Pollio, the importance of racial equity in education, whether or not teachers’ unions matter, and much more.

Notes for Episode 39

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Episode 38: Staffers from On the Record

Three members of On the Record’s staff — Sky Carroll, Faith Lindsey, and Katie Cummins — join the show this week to talk about the latest issue (Volume 4 Number 1) which deals with fast fashion, the school-to-prison pipeline, the abundance of liquor stores in the West End, a guide to local government, an explanation of various contraceptives, and much more.

Notes for Episode 38

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Episode 37: Adam Johnson

Media critic and podcast host Adam Johnson is this episode’s guest. Johnson talks about the shortcomings of local media, their relationships with local police departments, and that ridiculous phrase “officer-involved shooting.” He also offers a little advice to student journalists and consumers of news media.

Notes for Episode 37

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Note: Episodes 35 and 36 were basically “pledge-rapping” episodes for WFMP/Forward Radio, the radio station that airs From Classroom to Newsroom. They became outdated almost as soon as they aired and didn’t feature any original content, so they won’t be part of the website or podcast. Please donate to Forward Radio!

Episode 34: Ronel Brown

Former welder and firefighter (and current educator) Ronel Brown explains why he is running for the Kentucky House of Representatives, why education matters, and why governments should spend money in order to save money.

Notes on Episode 34:

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