Episode 50: Christopher Emdin

For the 50th episode of From Classroom to Newsroom, a special treat: a recording of a live talk by Dr. Christopher Emdin, Columbia professor and author of For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood. 

Notes for Episode 50

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Episode 49: Stephen George

On this episode, Louisville Public Media president Stephen George talks about the award-winning podcast and investigative report, “The Pope’s Long Con.” He also discusses the reasons for LPM’s ongoing emphasis on youth voices, the need for diversity in newsrooms, the future of LPM, and much more.

Notes for Episode 49

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Episode 48: Dawne Gee

On this episode, Dawne Gee talks about her many careers (radio, medical sales, stand-up comedy), the changes in the broadcast industry, advice for young would-be journalists, and whether or not “officer-involved shooting” is an appropriate phrase.

Notes for Episode 48

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Episode 47: Kate Howard at Third Thursday

On this episode, hear Kate Howard of the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting discuss the Center’s work at a Third Thursday event sponsored by the Fellowship of Reconciliation.

Notes for Episode 47

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Episode 46: Liz Schlemmer


WFPL’s education reporter Liz Schlemmer joins the show to talk about — what else? — education reporting, including charter schools, vouchers, the 2019 Kentucky General Assembly, and the strengths of radio journalism.

Notes for Episode 46

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Episode 45: Geneva Stark

Diversity, equity and poverty specialist Dr. Geneva Stark discusses media images of black and brown youth, the need for professional development, equality versus equity, and much more.

Notes for Episode 45

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Episode 44: Teacher Movies

Kris Abplanalp and Tracy Heightchew join the show to discuss tropes in three teacher movies, including and especially the “white savior” trope.

Notes for Episode 44

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