Episode 15: School Shootings

No guest this time. The entire episode is devoted to discussing the four things I perceive as the main contributing factors to the post-Columbine spate of school shootings:

  1. Easy access to guns.
  2. Untreated mental illnesses (and the stigmas attached to them).
  3. Internet subcultures that cheer on would-be murderers.
  4. Aggrieved entitlement.

Notes on Episode 15:

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Episode 14: Attica Scott

The hour begins with another attempt to squash SCALA’s strawman depiction of their critics as indifferent to education issues.

Notes on Episode 14 & Attica Scott:

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Episode 13: Gay Adelmann

The entire hour covers the ongoing attempt to delegitimize and defund public schools here in Louisville, Kentucky.

Notes on Episode 13 & Gay Adelmann:

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Episode 12: Avery Kolers

Everybody’s talking about “fake news,” but is this really a new problem that started with Trump and the 2016 election? We briefly look back at the long, ugly break-up between reality and its representation.

Notes on Episode 12:

Dr. Avery Kolers:

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Episode 11: Rob Pennington

Are all charter school supporters really doing it because they care about educating all kids? Probably not. The show starts with a brief overview of the tax benefits that come with supporting charter schools.

Notes on Episode 11:

Dr. Robert Pennington:

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Episode 10: Jon Fleischaker

Episode 10

Another week, another threat against the free press from the President of the United States. The show starts with a discussion of Trump’s latest proposal to “open up libel laws” so that petulant politicians can sue watchdog media organizations into oblivion.

Notes on Episode 10:

Jon Fleischaker:

Episode 9: Larry Steinmetz

Episode 9

At the top of the show: a special commentary by Bailey Stuber on the news media’s obsession with the underdog and why these types of stories fail to live up to the obligations of journalism.

Notes on Episode 9:

Larry Steinmetz: