Episode 19: Carrie Neumayer

This week, Carrie Neumayer talks about art education, making space for girls and gender nonconforming youth, the importance of music, and much more. But first, an update on SB1 (maybe it’s dead?).

Notes on Episode 19:

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Episode 18: March For Our Lives

This episode features the perspectives of Claire Johnstone and Forest Clevenger, two Louisville student March For Our Lives organizers. But first, an update on the West Virginia teacher strike, and some speculation about which state (or commonwealth) might be next.

Notes on Episode 18 & March For Our Lives:

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Episode 17: Protests

In this week’s episode: how do journalists cover different types of protests? And what does it mean for teachers and students to protest?

Notes on Episode 17:

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Episode 17 photo by Hannah Phillips.

Episode 16: School Shootings, Part 2

No guest this time. Again, this entire episode is devoted to school shootings; this time the focus is on the teen activists of Stoneman Douglas and the NRA’s responses to them.

Notes on Episode 16:

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Episode 15: School Shootings, Part 1

No guest this time. The entire episode is devoted to discussing the four things I perceive as the main contributing factors to the post-Columbine spate of school shootings:

  1. Easy access to guns.
  2. Untreated mental illnesses (and the stigmas attached to them).
  3. Internet subcultures that cheer on would-be murderers.
  4. Aggrieved entitlement.

Notes on Episode 15:

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Episode 14: Attica Scott

The hour begins with another attempt to squash SCALA’s strawman depiction of their critics as indifferent to education issues.

Notes on Episode 14 & Attica Scott:

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Episode 13: Gay Adelmann

The entire hour covers the ongoing attempt to delegitimize and defund public schools here in Louisville, Kentucky.

Notes on Episode 13 & Gay Adelmann:

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