Announcing my podcast and radio show, From Classroom to Newsroom

I’m pleased to announce that I will be hosting a weekly radio show on Forward Radio called “From Classroom to Newsroom.” The show will cover journalism, education, journalism education, and education journalism, and each week the show will feature an interview with someone about one of those four topics.

I’ve already recorded four shows:

  • Episode one: Interview with Louisville middle school teacher Robert Bell
  • Episode two: Interview with education journalist Toni Konz
  • Episode three: Recording of “Real or Not Real?” panel discussion at Frazier Museum
  • Episode four: Interview with current and founding members of Manual’s Black Student Union

Right now recorded episodes are airing Mondays at 10 AM and re-airing Wednesdays at noon on Forward Radio at 106.5 FM. After the show airs live, it will also be available for download as a podcast through iTunes.