Episode 30: Wayne Brasler

For the 30th episode of FC2N, legendary high school journalism adviser Wayne Brasler gives advice to high school journalism students and advisers alike. He’s a fascinating person and a great interview subject, so please enjoy this special guest.

Notes on Episode 30:

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Episode 27: Chris Brady

This week, JCPS Board of Education member Chris Brady discusses closing the achievement gap, charter schools, segregation, and much more.

Notes on Episode 27:

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Episode 26: Susan Jarosi

This week, University of Louisville professor Susan Jarosi discusses free speech on college campuses, U of L’s closed search for a new president, Governor Bevin’s attitude toward public education, and more.

Notes on Episode 26:

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Episode 25: Joe Dunman on student rights

This week, Morehead State professor Joe Dunman returns to the show to answer several questions about students’ rights: to pray, to form and join clubs, to refuse to participate in mandatory patriotic rituals, to publish journalism, and much more.

Notes on Episode 25:

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Episode 24: Cate Fosl

This week, U of L professor Cate Fosl talks about the life and legacy of journalist and activist Anne Braden, the failure to media to appropriately cover deadly violence against women, and much more.

Notes on Episode 24:

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