Episode 37: Adam Johnson

Media critic and podcast host Adam Johnson is this episode’s guest. Johnson talks about the shortcomings of local media, their relationships with local police departments, and that ridiculous phrase “officer-involved shooting.” He also offers a little advice to student journalists and consumers of news media.

Notes for Episode 37

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Note: Episodes 35 and 36 were basically “pledge-rapping” episodes for WFMP/Forward Radio, the radio station that airs From Classroom to Newsroom. They became outdated almost as soon as they aired and didn’t feature any original content, so they won’t be part of the website or podcast. Please donate to Forward Radio!

Episode 34: Ronel Brown

Former welder and firefighter (and current educator) Ronel Brown explains why he is running for the Kentucky House of Representatives, why education matters, and why governments should spend money in order to save money.

Notes on Episode 34:

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Episode 30: Wayne Brasler

For the 30th episode of FC2N, legendary high school journalism adviser Wayne Brasler gives advice to high school journalism students and advisers alike. He’s a fascinating person and a great interview subject, so please enjoy this special guest.

Notes on Episode 30:

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